The Buckhead Condo Alliance (BCA) is a network of condos that reside along and around the Peachtree Corridor through Buckhead whose goal is to promote area livability and viability. It strives to do this by providing residents of those condominiums a forum to present concerns, and to network among the member communities.


Meetings are open to the public and are generally held on the first Thursday of each month at 7pm. Please check the calendar for specific location and a listing of any guest speakers.


Dues: $100 per community regardless of size


  • Member communities each get a single vote to cast at monthly board meetings.
  • Member communities have the option of being listed on the website where they will be given a page to showcase their property to the public.
  • Member communities will have access to the Community Database which will house private information regarding vendors and service providers. This database will begin to be developed in 2015 to aid member properties with decision making.


Comprised of 5 members each selected at the annual meeting in February or appointed thereafter. The current board consists of:

Ben Howard – President – Alhambra
Betsy Scattergood – Treasurer – Gallery
Meredith Daniel – Secretary – Carlyle
Philip Young – At-Large – Concorde
VACANT – At-Large


      The Buckhead Condo Alliance (BCA) is the resulting organization that was born out of common interests among the condos that reside along the Peachtree Corridor through Buckhead. Originally named the Peachtree Buckhead Vertical Neighborhood, the condos began gathering to strategize on how they could form an additional Neighborhood Planning Unit to address common issues that existed in the area back in early 2013. That plan met resistance from members of the city council as possible, but difficult, due to the location of properties in both District 7 and District 8.
      Interest in banding together a set of condos resurfaced in March of 2014 with a simplified goal of applying to the Buckhead Council of Neighborhoods (BCN) for membership. At that time the member buildings included the Gallery, 2828 Peachtree, The Carlyle, Peachtree Residences, Concorde and Alhambra.  Membership in the BCN has since given a voice to condos at the Buckhead-wide residential level. On June 6, 2014 the Buckhead Condo Alliance incorporated as a non-profit in the state of Georgia, and on June 12 the application for membership in the BCN was approved.
      The remainder of 2014 was used to plot the course for the new “neighborhood” and to begin reaching out to other communities that may be interested in what the BCA was looking to establish. At the beginning of 2015 the BCA began taking dues for the first time. To date, what was once only four to six buildings talking about the future of condos in Buckhead has grown to nineteen communities representing over 2,600 units.